Monday, March 29, 2010

The Frustrations of a 3rd Grader

I know I complained this much about my homework. I'm absolutely sure I did. So shouldn't I have a little more patience with the fact that my third grader is throwing an unholy fit about having to study for a science test? He's driving me crazy!

I've never met a kid who hated homework quite as much as Alex does. It seems like every night is this humongous production designed for the specific purpose of making mom want to tear her hair out at the roots. Between the moping, whining, complaining and firm protestations that he'll never be done, I'm about ready to throttle him!

On the plus side, it's Monday. Wait, that's not a plus. In true Monday fashion, we overslept. I spent the entire day trying to wrap up a project I hd intended to have finished last night, only to find out that all of my hard work was for absolutely nothing because she wanted less than half of what I put on there. Grrrr.

Anyway. Back to helping kids with homework and making spectacular plans for the waffle gala I've got coming on. Then I have newsletter and PR revisions, a PR to write and a handful of articles to finish before I can curl up with some "Kidnapped" and wish the earth would swallow me whole. Oh, and go rescue my cat, of course. Good grief.

On the plus side, I actually got to tell the cat to stop eating the Washington Monument today with a perfectly straight face. Thanks Snuggles.

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