Thursday, November 18, 2010

Drawing a blank...

So, it’s 10:30 at night, I’ve still got a huge pile of work to do, and I really should be writing (and finish drafting this PR sometime before I die) but instead I’m going to take a hot second to update this blog. Why? Maybe it’s because I haven’t done it in a while. Maybe it’s because I just posted “Tea’s 4 Two”, a blog I’m going to be sharing with a friend out here on the web (and one that will likely get more traffic than this one ever will). Maybe it’s just because I’ve had so much happen in the last 2 weeks, and I’m dying to share it with somebody.

Whatever the case may be, here I am at 10:30 at night reminding myself that it’s important not only to schedule time to appreciate the moments that take your breath away, but also to appreciate them as they come.

Let’s see…where to start. I guess I’d have to start with the idiot from my history class, since that’s what’s got me up in arms at the moment. It takes a lot to get me angry, but closed minded people who proudly display their ignorance and their unwillingness to move past that ignorance do it quickly. I’ll spare you the details and simply say he was eager to find offense where none existed, and heartily insulted me in the process. I can rationalize it left, right and sideways, but the bottom line is, he pissed me off. My feelings were hurt. And because of that I (completely subconsciously, I swear) managed to cattily back him into a corner whereby his only defense was to tell me he was no longer commenting and I wouldn’t change his mind.

Best. Cop out. Ever.

Okay, personal rant? The fear of someone else imposing their opinions on you is the sign of a weak mind. If you can’t have enough faith in your beliefs to sit down, listen and honestly consider the other side of the story, you don’t have beliefs. What you have is a mind that’s been cleverly molded, which is what I suspect we’re dealing with here. I want to rage and shout and smack this individual across the head for being so deliberately ignorant and narrow minded that they can’t accept that the way they view the world isn’t always how the world is, but I can’t. Not only is it not kosher on the discussion boards, but I learned a long time ago that making enemies when you work in a public domain is ALWAYS a bad idea.

Doesn’t mean I’m going to let him get the last word though. I just haven’t figured out where I’m going to go next. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

Work. Next to school, work consumes most of my time. Things are awkward right now because I find myself at the crossroads, in which I’m struggling to get things lined up for my replacement while keeping up with the status quo and taking on new work to set the stage for future clients. My last day of work is going to be December 17, and I’ve promised myself a sabbatical through January to get things back in order and get my youngest through his surgery. Maybe work on some personal projects-lord knows I have enough of them at the moment!

I’m going to miss the people I’m working with, horribly, but I’m excited about the change in gears too. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I’ve had some past clients approach me about the possibility of doing some work, so I’m not plunging blindly into the unknown. And hey, worst comes to worst I’ll spend a little time playing Mommy and catching up out on the web. I’m almost a month behind in the big, wide, wonderful world of XKCD, and my Fanfiction peeps are wondering if I’m still alive. With the third story in my trilogy to finish up (after a short break, I’m thinking, I’m burning out quickly on this fanfic), a website and a couple of blogs in the works and a portfolio to create, I have faith I’m going to stay very, very busy.
No worries, da? And now I’m off to scratch out another blog post for my 3rd blog (the one I’ve been neglecting horribly) before I talk my hubby into another episode of Stargate: Atlantis and head off to bed. Long day tomorrow. Very, very long…