Monday, November 2, 2009

Just another manic Monday! I really hate trying to get myself up and running in the morning. It kind of makes me wish they'd draft me in for a beta of that Gizmo closure I was talking about just for the added convenience of having an excuse to slurp massive quantities of well mixed coffee!

I'm just complaining. All three kids have the flu. We had to cancel Halloween. (More or less-I still got some great pictures though!) And now it's Monday, and they're still home sick. It's my birthday, and I get to spend it taking the car to the shop, the kid to the doctor, the cats to the vet and my computer to the nearest FedEx location to send it back to HP to stop that annoying little flicking thing. No flowers. No cake.

Can I just fast forward through 27 and get to the good stuff?

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  1. I think we could all use an excuse to drink way too much coffee in the morning!