Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Feet are Begging for a Bus Ticket to Phoenix

Dude, my feet hurt. Seriously. I put them in high heels for the first time in almost a year in honor of the need to look halfway respectable for my daughter's ballet recital. My feet are regretting that particular social stigma right about now. Which is pathetic considering the fact that they were in my favorite pair of black sandals that I all but lived in when I was 17. (Yes, my favorite pair of shoes is over 9 years old. They just don't make them like they used to.)

Anyway, all whining aside, the ballet went well. None of the parents knew where the kids were supposed to be, the kids were so wound from spending hours...and hours...and hours in line that they were about to implode by the time they got on stage to perform, somebody knocked an entire bottle of water all over the dressing room floor and they managed to close the curtain too early not once, but twice-once at the beginning of the last act of La Boutique Fantasque ("The Magic Toy Shop) and once on top of Aurora at the end of Sleeping Beauty.

Overall, I'd say it was a smashing success (assuming I could actually find my "m" key, which apparently I can't).

Seriously though, we all had a good time. My daughter's class decked themselves out in Italian tarentella gear and spun around on stage. There was almost a head on collision in the middle of Sleeping Beauty when one of the dancers missed her blocking and cut off another, but I was so busy snickering about the fact that my friend's daughter managed to drop my rather large, rather heavy plastic bracelet on the extremely hard and uncovered floor and send it rolling down between the seats all...the the front of the room to really pay much attention.

The extremely acoustically friendly room, might I add.

Have you ever seen Ray Stevens's "Mississippi Squirrel Revival"? Check it out here. This is EXACTLY what it looked like-minus the laps in the woman's dress, of course! Oh, and the revival. But it was definitely a red, plastic squirrel...

Anyway, the girls were darling, Chelsea had a blast, and it's time to get this summer on the road. Good night all.

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