Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a Geek

So, a friend of mine quite kindly loaned me a digitized copy of Wil Wheaton's (you'd all remember him as Wesley Crusher from Star Trek) book "Just a Geek" and I have to admit, I'm an addict. He actually does the reading for the audio book himself, and even though I'm only about a chapter into it (hey, you can only walk so slowly when your final destination's only about a block away!) I have to admit I'm in awe not only of his booming, vibrant personality and witty sarcasm but also with the brutal honesty with which he rips himself apart. I mean, I know baring all for Hollywood was the latest trend this season, but many stars try to cushion their mistakes and their missteps with cushioned excuses and plenty of fingers pointing toward their drug habits.

No, not everyone in Hollywood is a druggie. Even I know that, and I'm probably the least pop culture proficient person I know. Not having cable will do that for you. That doesn't, however, stop many of them with living lives that seem to exist between rehab sessions. For Wil Wheaton, his drug of choice seems to be the arrogance of youth mixed in with the heady feeling of invulnerability and the unshakable belief in success that plagues us all through our twenties. That, at least, is a misstep I can respect!

So, to all you bookworms out there, and all the Trekkies that are holding back from picking up the book because Wil Wheaton's conversion from backseat actor to budding author just seems too, well, wierd, jump on the bandwagon and pick up a copy of Just a Geek. You can buy it online. You can pick it up in the bookstore. You can even download a copy of it from Amazon for your Kindle (like that isn't the coolest invention EVER!). Just get it, read it. I promise, you'll feel better about yourself, your future, your past and your sense of humor when you do.

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