Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get OVER Yourself!

Have you ever had that friend that you just want to slap in the face and say, "Get over yourself!"? That's the feeling I'm having right at the moment listening to Wil Wheaton's "Just a Geek". That book is hilarious, it really is, but it made me think about the way we tend to let a single event shape the way we look at everything else in our life. For Wil Wheaton, it was the fact that he quite Star Trek. Now, you'd think a mistake you made when you were a teenager, even one that cost you thousands of dollars a week, would be something you could let go of, oh, I don't know FIFTEEN YEARS LATER!

Dude. Get over yourself. You quit Star Trek. Your movie career never happened. You have a wife. You have two beautiful stepchildren. Grow up and be grateful for what you have, and develop the talents that you do have rather than the ones that you don't. Child stars don't transition well. It's amazing how many child stars have found themselves in precisely that scenario. Find something else to do, and stop whining. Please.

All right, I feel better now. Sorry, I was packing this morning to the happy tune of Wil Wheaton, which normally should have made the experience exponentially less painful but in actually ended up just aggravating me. I can't stand it when people whine horrifically. I mean, I know I tend to sink down into the mires of self pity. I know it's easy for me to obsess about things that are past-the sting of not being able to finish Med Tech school still rears its ugly head and pokes me in the butt every once in a while. But really? Even I'm not that whiny. Get over yourself, see reality the way it really is rather than the way you wanat it to be.

Phew. All right, rant aside, I know I still owe you a blog about the Ren Faire, and it's coming, it really is. But ye olde muse just isn't feeling the VRF today. Maybe tomorrow. The sun will come out tomorrow, there's always tomorrow, and tomorrow...well, who knows. Right now I have to go finish getting my stuff together for tonight, when I finally get to watch my daughter dance her tarentella dance and enjoy my last night of being an uninvolved parent on the Virginia Ballet Scene before we move to New York and get to start the process all....over....again.

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