Sunday, August 2, 2009

Welcome to New York! Oh God, I'm a Yankee Again...

Well, it's the end of my fourth day of being a New Yorker. To be perfectly honest, as I haven't set foot outside my house except to run to Walmart and the grocery store since we got here I'm not entirely sure what I think about moving back to cow country. Seriously. I spent twelve years living in a city where seeing cows meant you were really, really lost. I think I passed twelve farms on our way from the highway to here!

Dude, I see cow people.

Overall, though, things are doing alright. We have slightly crazy but extremely loveable neighbors that spent over an hour this afternoon coloring with my kids. Barbara's outside helping Mike figure out how to set out the trash for the trash people. This is the first time we've had to deal with either trash pick-up or recycling, so it promises to be an experience. Astonishingly, Virginia's slightly backwater (read: cheap) when it comes to that. Go figure. Doesn't surprise me in the least.

I'm venturing out with the kids tomorrow morning to get them registered for school, then Chelsea and I (and probably Garrett) are going to go traveling down to the local dance studio to check things out and get her signed up for classes. I know she's excited and a little nervous about it. I'm looking forward to it. It'll be the first chance she's had to step out and get settled in, and I know she's been bored out of her mind without Taylor, Caleb and Kayla around.

Now I just have to find something for Alex to do. I'm hoping something at the YMCA will spark his interest, although the fact that he spent 7 hours today playing X-Box isn't very encouraging. To be honest, I'm a little nervous about it. He isn't the type to make or keep friends easily, and he rarely goes out and seeks people to play with. I realize he's probably a little young to be a social reject, but that doesn't stop me from being very, very afraid he's going to be the disruptive kid in the class nobody likes. Hopefully a fresh school and a fresh start will be what he needs to get started on the right path. And maybe I'll learn to stop being a paranoid mother and give the kid his space.

Anyway, tonight marks the last night of my vacation (officially). I have to start working half days this week and go back full time next week. Ewwwww. And we're going back to VA this weekend for my brother's wedding. The insanity of that doesn't escape me, believe me! However, having a certain fondness for my inheritance and the babysitting privileges that come with it I need to make sure we're all present and accounted for. And, of course, I wouldn't miss seeing my baby brother tie the knot.

Flipping over to the house, I have to say-I'm in love. It needs work. All right, it needs a LOT of work! I discovered it was built in 1910, however, which is just incredibly cool, and looking around I think most of it's cosmetic. There are places that we absolutely have to rip down the wallpaper and repaint, and my dad tried to do some renovations and got stalled halfway through, but calling in a good contractor and applying a little bit of elbow grease will do wonders. I figure about two more years and we'll be right where we want to be.

So yay! Welcome to New York. Now all I have to do is find a little civilization and some company to keep myself sane and we'll be in good shape.

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