Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bully for Borders

So, with the boss out of the office and the Internet at work on the fritz, I’m working out of what I’ve affectionately dubbed my “Borders Office” today-the high table in the corner of the Borders café. Excellent coffee, high speed Internet, snacks only a short walk away and, perhaps most importantly, enough atmosphere that I don’t get that oppressive feeling I sometimes get when I’m actually at work. Turns out, however, that when you’re planning on working in a Wi-Fi café that requires a redirect to log on to their Internet, you have to make sure your own security settings aren’t standing in your way.

Go figure.

It unfortunately took me the better part of a half an hour to figure out this was what was going on, however, and in the meantime I spent some time wandering around. It was then that I was treated to what had to be a golden moment in my day. A random man walked up to me and goes, “Do you know why it’s a good idea for women to date homeless men? Because after the date you can just drop them off anywhere!” Slightly lame, I’ll grant you, but I really had to laugh. After all, how often do random strangers walk up to you in a store and tell you bad jokes?

It was golden.

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