Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still No House...

All right, so I crossed over the dark side and took the Wii fitness test tonight. Not only is my arm killing me from about six too many games of bowling (hey, I'm only about 245 points away from going pro!) but the Wii said I have a 65! A 60...5. I'm almost insulted...and I know what the first thing I'm going to be doing tomorrow is! I must avenge myself!

On a related note, I'm on day 3 of the walk run thing and my side isn't killing me. Granted, 15-20 min. of exercise a day is only a fraction of the exercise I get through the summer, but still. I'm sure it's too early to be excited, but I'm getting there. I might actually be able to run a 5K again before I die! Woohoo!

So, in a totally unrelated note, my Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals magazine came today, and I had to completely geek out. I found a really cool article though. It was meant to be a motivator for Med Lab Techs telling the origins of the Iditarod (which, in case anyone is interested, is a dog sled race that covers over 1500 in 10 days) and how the teams were racing to get medicine and immunizations to diptheria patients. It was cool.

And it's Tuesday and still no House. I'm about to write Amazon and complain-the idea behind getting a T.V. pass was so that I WOULDN'T have to wait a week for Fox to post the epi, and they keep waiting longer and longer. I know, there's a big difference between 48 hours and 8 days (as I'm reminded of every time a new epi of "Bones" comes out), but I have no patience when it comes to House. With Stargate SG-1 off the air House is my latest obsession. *sigh*

Well, off to bed. I have to clean house tomorrow, so I'm hoping to be able to get up and knock work out before the baby goes to speech therapy (and I head to the gym). Good night all!

**Check this link out-this is a really cool idea! Our hospital does something like this in the ER for wanna-be nurses and techs**


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