Monday, May 11, 2009

Who says when you're qualified to give an opinion?

Is is bad to look back and realize that you sound like a know-it-all when you're talking to people getting ready to start in your field? A friend of mine is writing a book, and I'm sitting here giving her advice like I have some right to-never mind the fact that, e-books not withstanding, I've only got...okay, three books in print, with two more due to be released in the next two years, but still. That's not the point. I feel odd giving advice to new writers after being in the field for a whole, what, 2 1/2 years?

Then again, if I'm not qualified, who is? I was talking to a friend I like to use for a sounding board for my writing, both because she used to work for a publisher and because she shares MOST of my taste in books, and when I asked her to read through the first chapter of a short story I'm getting ready to submit she said I was probably more qualified than she was at this point. It feels wierd to be acknowledged as a professional-and yet, what else have I been doing for the past few years?

Anyway, my own personal demons aside, it's going to be a red letter day around here. My youngest son got a tooth pulled this morning. We knew it was coming, we just weren't expecting it to be today! We went in planning on having an exam and came home missing a tooth! Not to mention the fact that the season finale of House airs tonight. I'm a little afraid. I hate the fact that they've left Kutner's suicide hanging, and the whole House/Cuddy thing is just a little too creepy for me. They've always been friends. Making it romantic is just-odd. But anyway, it promises to be a good one. Check out the preview for the season 5 finale of House M.D. here:

Biggest shock in House history? They've killed Kutner, engaged Cameron and Chase, killed Amber, almost killed House, almost sent House to jail, shown that House was his mother's illegitimate son...there's a lot of competition there!

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